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Innovative solid carbide tools

FOREVER now offers a wide palette of precision tools in its programme. Starting from fi ne bore machining, the range covers customer-specific and standardised tools, to complete solutions related to the machining of cubic parts. Supported by a comprehensive range of services, FOREVER stands for technologically optimised machining processes that ensure cost-eff ective, reliable production.

The FOREVER places great importance on the manufacture and the sale of high quality solid carbide tools. The programme, matched in detail to the materials to be machined and results to be achieved, ranges from high performance standard drills and milling cutters to the modern high performance tool.

Specially developed coatings and the usage of particularly hard cutting materials underline the performance of FOREVER solid carbide tools and are indicative of the tireless eff orts to provide optimal tools for the related application

The right tool for every material

Whether cast iron materials, non-ferrous metals, steels or difficult to machine materials, FOREVER offers the right solid carbide drilling or milling tool irrespective of the material.

These days tools must meet ever increasing requirements and address current trends in metal machining, such as HSC or hard machining, minimum quantity lubrication or dry machining. Process reliability, reducing costs, increasing productivity and the protection of the environment are further goals in modern manufacturing.

It is FOREVER's goal to create ever new ways of improving capabilities and continuously expand these capabilities. During this process the focus is on the continuous improvement of the machining, longer tool lives, the reduction of the feed forces, and even the removal of entire work steps in all materials.

Also in the area of modern materials, such as CFRP or GFRP, FOREVER offers innovative tools that can be found in the catalogue – Tool concepts for modern materials.

Universal, high performance milling cutter programme

FOREVER has an application-specific solid carbide milling cutter product range in its product portfolio. the standard programme includes universal end milling cutters and milling cutter types designed specifically for special applications for machining steel, cast iron, aluminium and stainless steel, as well as for hard milling.

The clearly arranged programme focuses on the essentials and is therefore particularly user-friendly.

Leading through flexibility and precision

Application-orientated standard programmeCustom tools
Solid carbide milling cutters from FOREVER are synonymous with cost-eff ectiveness, maximum performance potential and product quality. Special cutting edge geometries selected for the material to be machined ensure a technological lead. . The MAPAL standard programme even includes milling tools with internal cooling and special milling cutters for machining materials with hardness up to 65 HRC.With its vast know-how in metal machining and many years of experience.FOREVER is your competent partner worldwide when it comes to the design and manufacture of Custom tools. From complex form cutters through to solid disc milling cutters, these tools are our day-to-day business.

The solid carbide end milling cutter for highly cost-effective universal machining

A highlight of the FOREVER solid carbide end milling cutter programme is the new type milling cutter. For highly cost-effective universal machining, an innovative HPC geometry has been developed specially for applications involving the milling of structural steel, case hardened steel, tool steel, cast steel as well as cast iron.

The solid carbide milling cutter was designed with an unequal lead as well as an unequal tooth spacing and is characterised by very smooth running, large cutting volumes, process reliability and low machine load even with extreme cutting data.

Advantages of Our new type milling cutters:

  1. High cost-effectiveness

  2. High machining volume

  3. Low machine load

  4. Very smooth running during the machining process

  5. Suitable for machining steel and cast iron materials as well as non-ferrous metals

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