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The right tool for every material

Whether cast iron materials, non-ferrous metals, steels or difficult to machine materials, FOREVER offers the right solid carbide drilling or milling tool irrespective of the material.

These days tools must meet ever increasing requirements and address current trends in metal machining, such as HSC or hard machining, minimum quantity lubrication or dry machining. Process reliability, reducing costs, increasing productivity and the protection of the environment are further goals in modern manufacturing.

It is FOREVER's goal to create ever new ways of improving capabilities and continuously expand these capabilities. During this process the focus is on the continuous improvement of the machining, longer tool lives, the reduction of the feed forces, and even the removal of entire work steps in all materials.

Also in the area of modern materials, such as CFRP or GFRP, FOREVER offers innovative tools that can be found – Tool concepts for modern materials.

Drilling at the highest level

The requirements in modern machining technology are becoming ever more varied. Along with the constant efforts to rationalise and improve production processes, the usage of new materials and machining methods, FOREVER also addresses additional challenges and problems and solves them with a spirit of innovation. From these conflicting priorities of task and solution, a broad range of standardised drilling tools made of solid carbide has been produced.

In addition, the range is completed with very high quality, innovative solid carbide drills


Efficient production of deep bores

On drilling deep bores in solid material the chip formation and in particular the chip transport out of the bore are central aspects. The combination of the geometry of the face and the chip flute are critical for the performance of the drill. The cutting edge geometry must be designed such that chips as small as possible are produced that can be easily transported in the chip flute. The Deep-Drill from MAPAL was specially designed for this purpose. The face geometry with 135°tip angle ensures the chips are short and at the same time ensures feed forces are reduced, as well good centring of the drill.

Advantages of our NEW-Deep-Drill

  1. Short chips

  2. Optimal chip transport

  3. Reduced feed forces

  4. Reliable for bores up to 40xD

  5. Standard programme for machining steel and cast iron materials as well as non-ferrous metals

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