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Over the past years FOREVER has gained a high level of competence in turning operations.PCD and PcBN cutting edges have been supplied for applications with particularly high demands.

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FOREVER Competence: Super hard cutting materials

The two super hard cutting materials polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PcBN) have become a staple of the modern production world. In machining non-ferrous materials, PCD allows for a considerable increase in productivity and quality. When machining hardened steel, PcBN dramatically simplifi es the production processes. Additionally, the cutting speeds and tool life when machining cast iron and sintered iron materials can be decisively increased with PcBN.

The use of the latest equipment for tool manufacturing combined with the high qualification of its personnel and stable processes guarantee a consistently high product quality and as a result reliability for the user.

Over the past years FOREVER has gained a high level of competence in turning operations.PCD and PcBN cutting edges have been supplied for applications with particularly high demands.

In these applications FOREVER benefits from its great experience in selecting cutting materials and designing the cutting edges, from its deep understanding of processes and its consistently high quality.

Efficient, economical and effective FOREVER PcBN inserts
Today modern, stable machine tools with fast, efficient drive systems and high levels of accuracy represent the backbone of an economical production system. In order to fully utilise the production potential using high cutting speeds and feeds for the cutting edge, the use of modern cutting materials with a high degree of hardness, such as PcBN, is an appropriate solution.

FOREVER PcBN cutting materials, with their high heat resistance, wear resistance and strong edges, provide the ideal conditions. As a result machining times and consequently costs per part can be clearly reduced in many cases, at the same time maintaining very good component quality.

When machining cast and sintered materials, productivity in the production process can be signifi cantly increased by high machining values and long tool life compared to carbide.

When hard turning with PcBN, a noticeably high chip-to-chip volume can be achieved compared to grinding. With the same requirements for the component, productivity is normally higher and the operation is cheaper. In addition suitable machines for hard turning are in most cases better value when purchasing than grinding machines for comparable surface machining operations. Hard turning can be carried out dry. Grinding machines need grinding oil which will repeatedly become dirty and need to be cleaned or disposed of or stored at very high cost.

A wide variety of applications

  1. PcBN grades for smooth cut and interrupted cut

  2. Large selection of standard geometries and chamfer versions available for optimum tool life and quality

  3. Versions with multiple cutting edges for greater economy of the tools

  4. Inserts with high precision G tolerance

PCD – with extreme hardness and high performance

FOREVER PCD – inserts

When using modern design materials, whether in the manufacture of vehicles, in the aerospace industry and also increasingly in machine manufacturing, a priority is improved use of energy. With the same or even higher dynamics, energy consumption needs to be reduced. For this reason the proportion of non ferrous metals, fibre reinforced plastics (CRP, GRP) and sandwich materials is steadily rising.

Using PCD to cut these materials is ideal. Because of its high degree of hardness and wear resistance, even with extremely abrasive materials, high cutting values and long tool life can be achieved and economical cutting results are guaranteed.

FOREVER started using PCD at a very early stage and has acquired a broad knowledge and many years of  experience in this. Solutions are found for different machining tasks, with varying requirements in the context of abrasiveness, part geometry and machines. To achieve the optimum technical values with different requirements and to make full use of the efficiency of the PCD and the machines, the optimum cutting edge geometry must be produced with high accuracy and consistent quality. For this FOREVER uses the latest machine technology for grinding and eroding the cutting edges. New types of technology are also used for this, such as laser machining the PCD. Using lasers produces positive chipgeometries and a variety of chipbreaker geometries on the PCD inserts which are used for example for types of aluminium which produce long chips. Short chips are then produced which are easy to remove and this clearly increases production reliability.

The summary of the advantages

  1. Maximum cutting values and economy

  2. High accuracy in the cutting edge geometry

  3. The latest production methods offer additional opportunities

Key to reference codes for FOREVER PcBN- and PCD inserts

Selection  process for MAPAL PcBN inserts An introduction

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