Bakelite Resin Bonded Diamond Grinding Wheel for Woodworking Tools

2023-07-10 17:07:49

Bakelite resin bonded diamond grinding wheel can ensure both rigidity and shock absorption,

Bakelite diamond wheel mainly used for grinding woodworking tools. Bakelite resin bonded diamond grinding wheel for woodworking tools are popular among customers both home and abroad for its high quality and competitive price.

Diamond grinding wheel cup tool cutter grinder for carbide metal

High grinding efficiency, grinding wheel consumption is relatively slow; Good self-sharpening, grinding heat a small, easy to plug, reducing the phenomenon of grinding work burns; The wheel has a certain flexibility, help to improve the roughness of the surface, mainly used for grinding, semi-fine grinding, knife grinding, polishing and other processes; Resin bond diamond wheel is a low temperature curing, short production cycle, equipment and supply process is relatively simple; because the resin has fluidity, easy to shape the complexity of the wheel surface.

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