Welcome to FOREVER

The FOREVER reputation for developing innovative solutions using state-of-the-art technology and advanced materials, enables the company to rapidly respond to market demands with a wide range of unique products and applications for all your cutting, drilling, honing, dressing, and polishing requirements.

Especially we are proud that utilizing more than 10-years’ experience in cutting tool design and manufacturing, FOREVER has firmly established itself as a leading global provider of synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheels.

  • The FOREVER Advantage

    ·Cost-effective, tailor made solutions resulting in substantial savings for our clients

    ·Comprehensive after-sale service

    ·Innovative products that improve efficiency and optimize performance levels

    ·Highly qualified professional engineers monitoring every phase of the manufacturing process from R&D to quality control

    ·FOREVER supply the most technologically advanced diamond grinding wheels for a diverse range of industries

    ·Synergetic relationships with clients, and close collaboration with partners, enables FOREVER to rapidly respond to market demands and pre-empt industry trends

    ·Modern, technologically advanced machinery used for manufacturing sophisticated high-grade abrasives that exceed conventional performance requirements

  • The FOREVER Philosophy

    ·Our priority goal is to satisfy customers’ needs

    ·To strive for a constant improvement of our core competence by developing and manufacturing the most effective and efficient cutting edge diamond and CBN sintered tools

    ·To continuously demonstrate the highest level of professionalism

    ·To form mutually beneficial relationships with existing clients and new clients; and strongly be committed to their success

    ·Attract and employ the best, dedicated, passionate, and highly motivated individuals with a high level of technical knowledge and expertise who pride themselves on delivering excellent products in an open minded, constructive and competitive environment

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of all FOREVER employees is to continuously meet the challenges of ever increasing client requirements, from a diverse range of industries, by providing a friendly, cooperative, and helpful business service, and offering to share our experience and knowledge.

    Our aim is to provide the most advanced, highly effective, and cost efficient technological precision grinding and cutting tools to our clients.

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