CBN Wheels For Chain Saw

2023-08-10 15:57:49
Main advantages of CBN chain saw sharpening wheels


Very long tool life –the performance of CBN wheels are far superior to the “pink” (Conventional) wheels.


Maintaining the same profile and shape as that of the tools — it is the criteria of the quality of sharpening.

By using “pink”(conventional) wheels,  dressing problem arised is very difficult to solve because the dressing work is operated by hand, if you dress the improper shape, you can get the improper teeth shape, so the teeth will not be sharp and easy to be broken.

You can see that in the photos as follows:


Chemical composition is well concentrated on the CBN wheels so that it is suitable for grinding work without coolant. The sharpness of the CBN wheels is much more better than that of  “pink”(conventional) wheels. When the “pink” (conventional) wheels are working, the dust will clog the“pink” (conventional) wheels, so the sharpness will come down tremendously, thus create too much heat, then the teeth of “pink”(conventional) wheels will burn, you can see the teeth become blue.

By using CBN wheels, the sharpness and burning problem will not exist any longer.


There is no dust while grinding using CBN wheels thus you will not inhale dust into your lung.

There is no risk of injury because CBN wheels will not be broken because of the high strength of the steel body.


CBN wheels can replace “pink” (conventional) wheels easily — you will not have to rebuild your sharpening machine.


Our wheels will work on any of the following grinders such as Oregon, Stihl, Franzen, Foley, Northern, Markusson and so on.

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