CBN wheels for HSS saw blade,suitable for LOROCH,SCHMIDT,ABM,long durability,super shape retention.


Type: 14F1

MOQ: 2pcs

Product Description

With the progress and development of the times, people's production and manufacturing levels have undergone earth-shaking changes. While people are improving their production levels, their requirements for tools are also getting higher and higher. They require higher and higher quality levels of tools, and at the same time the price of tools is also required to be lower and lower. This requires that the production of tools must improve production efficiency to the greatest extent.

Specific to the production of high-speed steel circular saw blades, more and more manufacturers have added automated production equipment, such as the automated grinding center LOROCH,SCHMIDT,ABM. Under this premise, uninterrupted production can be achieved 24 hours a day, to the greatest extent Improved production efficiency. At the same time, the quality requirements for grinding wheels are getting higher and higher. This high-quality grinding wheel has been produced by only a few top brands for a long time, resulting in high prices for grinding wheels. At the same time. In this field, the shadow of Chinese grinding wheels cannot be seen. First, these European and American manufacturers are biased against Chinese manufacturing. Second, it is true that the grinding wheels provided by many Chinese suppliers cannot meet such high-end requirements.

By chance, we obtained the guidance of an industry expert and thus mastered the manufacturing technology of top-grade grinding wheels. We can provide special grinding wheels for top-grade grinding machines such as Loroch,Schmidt,ABM. Our grinding wheels have been sold to Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria and other countries and have been recognized by customers. They say they can't see any difference between the quality of our grinding wheels and top brands.

Our grinding wheels have good shape retention.

If you need high quality grinding wheels and want a favorable price, please contact us.


D(mm) H(mm) R(mm)
200 32H7 0.65
200 32H7 1
200 32H7 1.3
200 32H7 1.75
200 32H7 2.0
200 32H7 2.5
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