Diamond Grinding Wheels for Thermal Spraying

Resin bond diamond grinding wheels are mainly used for thermal spraying, carbide, ceramic, silicon materials etc.

Name: od grinding wheel, flat grinding wheel, parallel wheel

Type: 1A1, 14A1, 3A1

MOQ: 2pcs

Product Description

Thermal spray coating is a common process used for surface treatment, protection and repair of mechanical parts, which has good effects on improving the wear resistance of parts and prolonging the service life of parts. The process is widely used in the machinery, shipbuilding, steelmaking, petroleum and aerospace industries. Grinding and processing thermal spray workpieces with resin diamond grinding wheel can achieve good processing results and good economic benefits.

D(mm) T(mm) X(mm)
500 ~150 10, 16
600 ~150 10, 16
609.6 ~150 16, 25.4, 38.1, 50.8
750 ~150 10, 16, 20
850 ~150 20
900 ~150 10, 16, 20
1050 ~100 10
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