Resin Bond Diamond Grinding Wheel for Grinding Thermal Spray Coating

2023-07-10 17:23:28

Thermal Spray Coating is a commonly used process for surface treatment, protection and repair of mechanical parts, which has good effects on improving the wear resistance of parts and prolonging the service life of parts. The process is widely used in the machinery, shipbuilding, steelmaking, petroleum and aerospace industries. Grinding and processing thermal spray workpieces with resin diamond grinding wheel can achieve good processing results and good economic benefits.

Resin bond diamond grinding wheel for grinding thermal Spray Coating has the following advantages.

1、High efficiency. When resin diamond grinding wheel is used for cemented carbide grinding, its grinding efficiency is more than 10 times that of SIC grinding wheel.

2、Resin bond diamond grinding wheel has high wear resistance. The wear resistance of the diamond grinding wheel is high, and the abrasive consumption is very small. Especially when the hard and brittle material with the hardness of the workpiece HRC ≥ 65 is processed, the extra big quantity of heat arising is permanent. Our company can offer 1A1 Resin bond diamond grinding wheel, 1A1R Resin bond diamond grinding wheel, etc.

3、The grinding force is small and the temperature in the grinding zone is high. Diamond abrasives have high hardness and wear resistance, and the abrasive particles can remain sharp for a long time and are easy to cut into the workpiece. When resin bond diamond grinding wheel is used for grinding a thermally sprayed carbide workpiece, the grinding force is only 1/5-1/6 of the grinding force of the ordinary grinding wheel. In addition, with high thermal conductivity of diamond, the grinding heat is easily transmitted, so the temperature in the grinding zone is low. For example, when silicon carbide grinding wheel is used for grinding cemented carbide workpiece and the grinding depth is 0.02mm, the grinding zone temperature is up to 1000℃to 1200℃. With resin bond diamond grinding wheel under the same conditions, the temperature is only about 400 ℃. The low temperature in the grinding zone can improve the surface quality of the workpiece and reduce the thickness of the surface strain layer of the sprayed surface of the workpiece after grinding to prevent flaking.

4、The shape and position tolerance of the grinding workpiece is small, the dimensional precision is high, the surface processing quality of the workpiece is good, and the service life of the sprayed workpiece is improved. When the cemented carbide or cermet workpiece is ground with resin bond diamond grinding wheel, it can reach Ra 0.2 or above.

5、When resin bond diamond grinding wheel is used for grinding the thermal spray workpiece, the grinding wheel can be trimmed into a special shape as needed to meet the processing requirements.

More information:Diamond is the hardest material known in nature, and it’s suitable for processing hard and brittle materials such as cemented carbide, engineering ceramics, glass, semiconductor materials ferrite, gemstones ect. Resin bond Superabrasive grinding wheel have the features of good self-sharpening, sharp cutting, high efficiency, low roughness of work piece surface, few heat generating and without burning work piece. They are suitable for high efficiency and precision grinding of most workpieces.

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