Welcome our Japanese customer Mr. Kenji Wada from TSUBAKILAB to visit our facility

2024-06-24 18:38:27

Welcome Japanese customer Mr. Kenji Wada from TSUBAKILAB to visit our facility


Mr. Kenji Wada is quite professional and has good reputation in the wood turners industry in Japan. He is very famous in the industry worldwide.


We admire his profession, honesty, humor and seriousness.


Firstly we showed him the first machining step in our machining department. He was disappointed when he noticed our CBN wheel’s body on the CNC machining center because the body looks rough and ugly. He pointed at the drill on the machining center and asked:” During the processing, the drill will wear, how can you keep the accuracy of the arbor size ? ”  We told him:” The wheel body you saw was machined by our first step of processing, it is only rough machining to be more efficient. Always there are 3 steps to achieve ideal body for CBN Wheels. 


Then we showed another machining center for the second step, it is similar to fine machining. By this step,we machined the inside and non reference plane,the drill and other cutters are different and the body looks much better. Then his disappointment disappeared.


After that we took him to the third step of machining process. We stopped the machining center for him to check our cutters. He found that after every step the cutters turn out to be different. During the 3rd step we machined the reference plane,outer side and surface at one time.Such machining method can ensure the accuracy utmostly. We showed him the finished body after the 3rd step. Mr.Kenji Wada was very happy with the body, it had super accuracy and looks brilliant.


Afterwards he would like to test the accuracy of the body, then we came to test the arbor size of some bodies with inner diameter gauge one by one. Mr. Kenji Wada checked every size carefully and stopped checking after he tested more than 10 pieces. He was very satisfied with our products.


Furthermore, we showed Mr. Kenji Wada our warehouse.There are a lot of CBN wheels stocked for customers from USA,EU etc. He was very excited and took a lot of photos.


Finally, Mr. Kenji Wada came to our electroplating department. He asked many questions about plating when he saw many kinds of products were on plating. We answered his questions seriously. Mr. Kenji Wada was extremely happy with our reply and did some plating procedure by himself excitedly.


What a wonderful day for Mr Kenji Wada and us!

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