2023-11-03 15:42:29

With the development of knife sharpening industry, more and more people want to get new technology grinding wheels, then the diamond & CBN grinding wheels are introduced to knife sharpening industry, but new questions come up: which one is more suitable, diamond wheels or CBN wheels?Different people have different understanding, different companies also have different understanding. 

What I suggest is CBN wheel. Today I would like to express why.

As the CBN wheels suppliers for the knife sharpening industry, we must give the right opinion. Most people think that the diamond is much more harder than CBN, so the diamond is better than CBN, this opinion is not right indeed. Based on common knowledge of physics, everyone knows the diamond is just the “C” element, the knife is of steel. For the steel, the basic element is”Fe”, when diamond grinds the steel, “C” +”Fe” will occur chemical reaction. The products of chemical reactions will cover the surface of diamonds, and block the diamond and knife. With time goes on, this phenomenon is increasing obviouly until the diamond lose the sharpness absolutely, that is, when you start using diamond wheel to grind the steel knife, of course it can work, but as times goes on, the sharpness is worse and worse. Based on our experience, after sharpening 30-50 pieces of knives, the sharpness will come down tremendously. No more than 100 pieces of knives, the diamond wheels lose the sharpness absolutely. Then the life of diamond wheels end. Though the diamond wheels’ life ends, but the diamond grain will not be worn, just the products of chemical reactions will cover the surface of diamonds blocking the grinding part totally. This is why diamond wheels can’t be used for knife sharpening. The conclusion has no connection with the grinder speed, no matter is 100RPM or 3000RPM.

Perhaps some one will say, when the knife sharpening processing, there will not be too much heat generated, so the temperature will not be very high, thus the chemical reaction won’t affect the diamond too much.
The above idea is partially right.
Diamond wheels work well in the beginning, but as time goes on, the chemical reaction products will cover the knife and diamond surface, the sharpness of the diamond will become worse and worse.This is why the diamond wheels can’t achieve a good working.

CBN and Fe will not create chemical reaction, so there is no such block problem happens while sharpening using CBN wheels. CBN wheel is sharp during the whole sharpening process.

That is why I recommend CBN wheel for knife sharpening.

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