Why diamond grinding wheels for the carbide HVOF & carbide grinding are different

2023-11-01 10:14:14

Carbide HVOF is a thermal spray coating process with carbide powder, which is used to improve a component’s surface hardness and wear resistance. After the carbide HVOF, the workpiece surface is almost the same as carbide,but the grinding wheel for the carbide HVOF is different from that of the carbide, do you know why?

1.The hardness of carbide HVOF and carbide is different.

Although the carbide HVOF technology developes very fast, the hardness of carbide HVOF still can’t catch that of the carbide.

2.The grinding condition is not the same

For carbide grinding, professional grinder and holder are needed, shown as photo A. The carbide workpiece can bear huge grinding pressure, so the grinding working can use bigger power. Thus for the good grinding work and economic grinding , it is suitable to make diamond grinding wheel harder for carbide grinding.

While for carbide HVOF grinding, shown as photo B, carbide HVOF is not standard workpiece always, professional holder could not be designed for carbide HVOF. On this condition, carbide HVOF workpiece can’t bear big grinding pressure. Considering grinding efficiency, we must design the diamond grinding wheels with soft bond.

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